Desserts and Fruits


Chief pastry cook Fabio Broggi

Tiramisù (soft cake made with mild Italian biscuits, coffee and cream) 

“Millefoglie” pastry with Chantilly cream (cake made in leaf paste, each layer filled with Chantilly cream) 

Cooked cream catalana style 

“Panna cotta classica” with fresh mixed forrest fruits

Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream 

Fresh ice cream (cream, chocolate, nuts

Warm chocolate little cake with Chantilly cream 

Big choice of desserts “Il Solferino” style

Sorbet of your choice (lemon, strawberry, green apple, mandarin

Ice cream mascarpone cheese and figs 

Marron glaces ice cream with Porto 

Fresh pineapple 

Fresh princly pear with italian sweet liqueur “Strega” 

Mixed forest fruits (bilberries, raspberries, mulberries

Fresh exotic fruit composition “Il Solferino” style