Pasta’s and Rice


Chef Nino D’Arenzo

Risotto “Milanese style”

Fresh green vegetables risotto with fresh creamy burrata cheese “stracciatella”

Paccheri pasta of Gragnano “Il Solferino” style

Gnocchi beets with stracchino cheese and pistachios

Home made tagliatelle pasta with peas and asparagus beans with thyme

Fresh pasta “trofie” bronze style with a genovese pesto

Home made orecchiette pasta “Crudaiola style” with rocket salad and ricotta cheese

Home made ravioli stuffed with tomatoes burrata and basilic sauce

Rigatoni pasta with fresh tomatoes and fresh creamy burrata cheese “stracciatella”

Home made ravioli stuffed with fresh fish “Il Solferino style”

Risotto with sea food and asparagus

Farfalle pasta with smoked salmon and chives

Spaghetti with sea food carbonara

Black fresh spaghetti pasta with squid zucchini and bottarga

Tonnarelli home made pasta with tuna capers and olives

Rice minestrone

Spring vegetables soup

Broad beans mashed with chicory “pugliese style”