Second course


Chef Savino Antonacci

Sautè porcini mushrooms with potatoes 

Chicken breast with parmesan cheese and eggplant

Deep fried veal cutlet milanese style with rucola (rocket salad) and fresh tomatoes

Kidney veal sautè with porcini mushrooms 

Porcini mushrooms genovese style 

Croutoned baby lamb cutlets grilled

Angus sliced beef with porcini mushrooms 

Stewed knuckle of veal served with rice malted with parmesan and saffron Milan Style 

Angus beef fillet alpine style with porcini mushrooms 

Grilled Angus t-bone steak 

Grouper fillet “Solferino” style 

Salmon escalope in pink sauce with green pepper 

Deep fried assorted fresh fish plate with courgettes “Il Solferino” 

Filet tuna mediterranean style lightly grilled with poppy’s seed crust

Turbot fish sicilian style 

Prawns with garlic and chilli pepper 

Sea-bass baked in a salt crust x 2 pers.