Chef Curti Ermanno

Home made liver paté “Il Solferino style” 

Deep and fried soft cheese in blackberry sauce with bread croutons

Tapinambur beetroot’ flan with broccoli sauce

Cartoccio (jacket potatoes) with fonduta and porcini mushrooms

Corn match polenta with fresh porcini mushrooms brie cheese and truffle oil

Langhirano raw ham with Buffalo’s mozzarella cheese of Mondragone

“Culatello di Zibello” (the best cut of dry-cured ham)

Soufflè of porcini mushrooms with cheese fondue

Fresh creamy burrata cheese “Stracciatella” with tomato confit and anchovy fillets

Baked Octopus salad with broad beans mashed

Fresh raw anchovies marinated with raspberry’s vinegar

Cuttlefish with porcini mushrooms

Shrimps tails with chickpeas purè

Salmon tartar with avocado and guacamole

Sea-bass carpaccio with lime

Big assorted fresh raw fish plate (tuna fish, sea-bass, salmon, king prawns and anchovies) 

Poached eggs with caviar asetra and rye bread  

French fresh oysters