Chef Curti Ermanno

Home made liver paté “Il Solferino style” 

Asparagus and green peas flan with carrot coulis

Eggplant terrine with tomato sauce and basil cream

Fresh creamy burrata cheese “stracciatella” with field salad and cherry tomatoes

Buffalo mozzarella cheese from Mondragone

Parma ham with fresh melon

Bresaola with slices of parmesan cheese and rocket salad

“Culatello di Zibello” (the best cut of dry-cured ham)

Asparagus in Hollandaise sauce

Tyrolean smoked ham with fig sauce

Fresh raw anchovies marinated with raspberry vinegar 

Warm squid salad with strawberries melon and mint

Grilled octopus with fresh creamy burrata cheese “stracciatella” and tomato coulis

Tuna fish rolls with cream cheese and avocado

Millefoglie of amberjack fish with mango cream

Choice of assorted fillets of fresh raw fish (tuna fish, sea-bass, salmon, king prawns and anchovies) 

French fresh oysters